The Unapologetic Apology

Qabaniso Malewezi Qabaniso Malewezi
Released: 10 February, 2017   ·   4010°C Hot   ·   5   ·   8


“The Unapologetic Apology" echoes the attempts of other writers before Q to peel back the curtain and address the ongoing battle for women to access equal opportunities and justice in Malawi and the world.

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This a dope social political piece, i love the way Q has highlighted the burden females carry because of our own society constructed gender roles and responsibilities. Thanks for the apology, I hope other men acknowledge what it takes for a lady to be a career woman, then someone decides to rob such a dream, Really?

sekani G Msampha

My my my my this is beautiful. I love it I love it I love it. And the flow is amazing.


All I can say is wow and well done

Sophie Kalinde

The tragedy of man by man and the sorrow of woman co creating humanity only for man to sin against woman. Ooh the depth of a woman and the shallow hollowed boy! My Son, what my Son? Yet you call me mother mother mother…..Shall I remake you….not with man…..


Well done sir Q salute

Qabaniso Malewezi

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